Windows 10 Problem Steps Recorder

windows 10 problem steps recorder: In the Microsoft Windows Operating System (Windows 7, Windows 8, etc.), there is a very handy and tricky program, called Problems Steps Recorder (PSR). In general, the Problems steps recorder is also called Steps Recorder. This is a very important and hidden program in the Windows operating system that helps you to troubleshoot a problem on your computer.

You can record the exact steps (Screenshot) on your computer when the problem occurred then send this record to a support professional to help them diagnose the problem. You can also use it to make step by step tutorial guide note.

Problems Steps Recorder (PSR) will help you to record your mouse click and a screenshot of the action you click on. If your computer has any issues then you can use Problem Steps Recorder to take the screenshot and send it to an expert or support center to guide you on what to do.

In this article, we will do an example to understood Problems Steps Recorder (PSR).

How to open windows 10 problem steps recorder?


  • Press “Win+R” key to open the Run dialogue box
  • Type “PSR” inside the open box.
  • Click on the “Ok” button.
  • Now Steps Recorder program will appear.


  • Click on the Start button or Windows button on the task bar.
  • Click on Windows accessories
  • Click on the “Steps Recorder”
  • Now Steps Recorder program will appear.

Let’s do the example to open website.


  • Press “Win+R” key to open the Run dialogue box
  • Type “PSR” inside the open box.        
windows 10 problem steps recorder
Run Dialogue box
  • Click the “OK” button.
  • Now the Problem Steps Recorder Screen will appear.
Problem Steps Recorder in Windows  7
Steps Recorder Program
  • Click on the “Start Recorder” button.
  • Now, Steps Recorder program starts to record every step that you did on your computer.
  • Open the “Browser”
  • Type the website name”” on the address bar of the browser.
  • Press the “Enter” key on the keyboard.        
  • Now the website will appear.
Problem Steps Recorder in Windows  10
  • When you are done your screen record, click the “Stop Record” button on the “PSR”.
  • Now you can review the record of the steps you recorded.
  • Now, click save and from there you can send it as a zip file.


  • Program Steps Recorder captures the screen and gives some explanations of what happened in that area.
  • Program Steps Recorder doesn’t record text that you type (such as a password), except for function and shortcut keys.
  • You can pause or resume the recording program at any time.
  • If required, you can Add Comment while recording.

To adjust settings of PSR

If you want to adjust the settings of Problem Steps Recorder then follow these steps:

  • Next to the Help button of Steps Recorder Program, select the down arrow, and then select Settings or Press “Alt+G” Shortcut key.
  • Now settings dialogue box will appear.
windows 10 problem steps recorder
Steps Recorder Settings

 In the setting dialogue box you can change the following:

Output location. 
If you want to set a default location and file name to save a recorded file then

  • select Browse button
  • Select the location where you want to save it.
  • Type the File Name.
  • Click the Save button.     

Enable screen capture.   

  • If you don’t want to capture screenshots, Select No, then the app will still record a text description of your steps.
  • If you leave the Enable screen capture, Yes, then it will both screenshot as well as text description too.

Number of recent screen captures to store. 

  • By default, there are 25 screens to record, so if you need to record more than that, increase this number.

This is a great tool available for Windows 7 and later (latest) users and IMO each Operating System should contain something like this.

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