Where is My Mobile Phone Now |Mobile Phone Location 2020

Where is My Mobile Phone Now |Mobile Phone Location 2020

Where is My Mobile Phone Now |Mobile Phone Location: Of course, the problem for most of us is that we forget where to put our mobile phones. Sometimes we put our mobile phone somewhere in the room, in the office and even in other places and sometimes we put the mobile in silent mode, we have to look around to find out where we put it. In fact, the problem of where to put the mobile puts stress on us and at the same time, it creates obstacles in time and work.

If you are also suffering from where is my mobile phone now, and looking for a place to put your mobile phone and are suffering from mental stress, problems, then today we will discuss a very easy and simple way to solve such problems.

In recent days, the trend of creating new mobile apps is accelerating. Some of these apps have been developed to help solve the technical problems that come in our daily lives. We will also discuss an app that will help us to solve the problem of Where is My Mobile Phone Now. That app will help you to find out the location of your mobile. We will discuss one such app, which will help you to solve these problems. Of course, as you imagined, the mobile itself would say that I am here.

Yes, we will discuss similar APP here as you imagined.

Clap to Find APP for Where is My Mobile Phone Now |Mobile Phone Location:

Clap to Find is an app that helps you to get where your mobile phone is. This app helps you to get the mobile phone location where you put it.

How To use the Clap to Find APP for mobile phone location:

How to install clap to find app:

  • Go to mobile “play store” first
  • In the search box type “Clap to Find” and press search
  • Now click on Download and install the “Clap to Find” App.

How to use clap to find app for mobile phone location:

  • Open the “Clap to Find” App
  •  Some “Allow” options will appear. Click on “Allow” them all
  • Get “Now get started”, click on it
  • “Now Clap to start” will appear, here we have to Clap 3 times
  • If we Clapped Correct there is a “We have detected a sound. Is it your Clap?” A dialog box appears.
  • Press “Yes”
  • Press “OK”
  • Now you can keep your mobile anywhere.
  • Ring tone will ring on your mobile as soon as you clap three times.
  • You can also set the ring tone yourself.
  • To turn off the ringing, now go to the “Clap to find” app and press “Off” and press “On” to enable “Clap to find” again.
  • This will solve your problem with the help of the “Clap to find” App.

Features of the “Clap to find” App for finding my mobile phone location

  • Clap Configure after clapping 3 times
  • Alerts from different modes (sound / flash / vibrate)
  • Ring tone can be changed to your liking
  • Can work even when the mobile is in silent mode
  • Can be disabled if not needed
  • Mobile battery consumption is very low
  • Used by over 50+ million


  • Updated       : November 6, 2019
  • Size              : 4.7M
  • Installs          : 5,000,000+
  • Current Version    : 4.0.1
  • Requires Android : 6.0 and up

Hopefully, with the help of this article, your problem will be solved to some extent.

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