Photoshop Tutorial Layer and Select Menu | Part 14

Photoshop Tutorial Layer and Select menu | Part 14:  In this episode, we will discuss the Layer menu and Select Menu options.

Photoshop Tutorial Layer and Select menu | Part 14

Layer Menu:

  1. New: adds a new layer.
  2. Duplicate layer: duplicates layer.
  3. Delete the deletes layer.
  4. Layer properties: change the name and color of the layer.
  5. Layer style: adds effects to the image using its options like shadow, gradient, glow, satin, stroke, etc.
  6. Smart Filter: controls the smart filter used (enabling, disabling, deleting, clearing).
  7. New fill layer: creates a new layer with a specific color, gradient ad patterns.
  8. New adjustment layer: creates a new layer with a specific adjustment.
  9. Change layer content: change layer content.
  10. Layer content option: options for layer content.
  11. Layer mask: when you add a layer mask, you need to decide if you want to hide or show all of the layers. Later you’ll paint on the veil to conceal bits of that layer and uncover the layers underneath.
  12. Vector Mask: when you add a vector mask, you need to decide if you want to hide or show all of the layers. Later you’ll paint on the mask to hide portions of that layer and reveal the layers beneath or you can draw shapes using the pen tool.
  13. Create Clipping Mask: this option lets you use the content of a layer above it. The masking is determined by the content of the bottom base layer.
  14. Smart Objects: provides options for controlling smart objects.
  15. Video Layers: provides options for controlling video layers.
  16. 3D layers: provides options for controlling 3D layers.
  17. Type: edits texts.
  18. Rasterize: you cannot use the painting tools or filters on layers that contain vector data (such as text, shape, vector mask, smart objects). Rasterize makes the selected layer be able to apply effects that can be used to other normal layers.
  19. New layer-based slice: adds a new slice base layer.
  20. Group Layers: groups layers
  21. Ungroup layers: ungroup layers.
  22. Hide layers: hides layers.
  23. Arrange: move layers from front to back.
  24. Align: aligns linked layers.
  25. Distribute: spreads out aligned layers.
  26. Lock all layers in group: locks layer.
  27. Link layers: links layers.
  28. Select linked layers: selects the linked layers.
  29. Merge layers: combines the selected layer.
  30. Merge visible: combines all visible layers.
  31. Flatten image: combines all layers.
  32. Matting
    1. Defringe: it replaces the color of any fringe pixels farther in from the edge of the selection that doesn’t contain the background.
    1. Remove Black Matte:
    1. Remove White Matte:

Evacuate Black Matte and Remove White Matte are helpful when a determination is hostile to associated against a white or dark foundation and you need to glue it onto an alternate foundation. For example, anti-aliased black text on a white background has gray pixels at the edges, which are visible against a color background.

Select Menu:

Photoshop Tutorial Layer and Select menu | Part 14
  1. All: selects all objects in the workspace.
  2. Deselect: deselects selected items.
  3. Reselect: reselects previously unselected items.
  4. Inverse: reverse the selection area.
  5. All layers: selects all layers.
  6. Deselect layers: deselects all selected layers.
  7. Similar layers: selects all similar layers of the selected layer. Such as text layers, shape layers, etc.
  8. Color range: selects the range of color.
  9. Refine edge: improves the quality of a selection’s edges and allows you to view the selection against the different background for easy editing.
  10. Modify:
    1. Border: borders the selection.
    1. Smooth: smoothens the selection.
    1. Expand Expands selection.
    1. Contract: contracts selection.
    1. Feather: blurs the edges of the selection.
  11. Grow: grows the selection in adjacent pixels.
  12. Similar: expands the selection in a similar color of the selected color.
  13. Transform selection: transforms selection tool.
  14. Load selection: loads a selection.
  15. Save selection: saves a selection.

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