Photoshop Tutorial Edit Menu part-12

Photoshop Tutorial Edit Menu part-12

Photoshop Tutorial Edit Menu part-12: In this episode, we will discuss Edit menu options such as Undo, Step Forward, Step Backward, Fade, Cut, Copy, Copy Merge, Paste, Paste into, Clear, Check Spelling, Find and Replace Text, Fill, Stroke, Free Transform, Transform, Auto-align Layers, Auto-Blend Layers, Define Brush, Define Pattern, Define custom shape, Purge, Color settings, Present manager, and Preferences.

In our previous part-11 we had already discuss the File menu option such as New, Open, Browse, Open as, Open as smart object, Open recent, Device central, Close, Close all, Close and go to bridge, Save, Save as, Check in, Save for web & Devices, Revert, Place, Import, Export, Automate, Batch, PDF Presentation, Create droplet, Conditional mode change, Contact sheet II, Crop and straighten photos, Fit Image, Picture package, Web photo gallery, Merge to HDR, Photomerge, etc.

2) Edit Menu:

A) Undo:

erases your most recent change on an image.

B) Step Forward:

goes up one step in your History palette.

C) Step Backward:

goes back one step in your history palette.

D) Fade:

      This option is used to fade or make the transparent color drawn in the image. This option is applicable for brush, stamp, history brush, eraser, paint bucket, blur, dodge tool, etc that is used to paint.


  1. Draw something from any of the above tools.
  2. From the edit, the menu chooses to fade.
  3. Increase or decrease opacity.
  4. Click on the OK button.

E) Cut:

cuts the selected image.

F) Copy:

copies the selected image.

G) Copy merge:

makes a merged copy of all the visible layers in the selected area.

H) Paste:

transfers an image or any selection that you have made.

I) Paste Into:

this option pastes a cut or copied selection inside another selection in the same image or different image.


  1. Copy any image using any of the selection tools.
  2. Select in any shape on the page using any selection tool.
  3. From the edit, the menu chooses to paste into.

J) Clear:

 clears all the work done in the workspace.

K) Check Spelling:  

checks spelling.

L) Find and replace text:

finds and replaces text.

M) Fill:

fills selected areas with your chosen color.

N) Stroke:

creates a line around the selection.

O) Free Transform:

manually transforms the images.

P) Transform:

modifies specific parts of the image like scale, skew, rotate, etc.

Q) Auto-align Layers:

aligns the selected layers according to the content of layers.

R) Auto-Blend Layers:

when stitching or combining images to create composite images, exposure differences between the source images may create seams or inconsistencies in the combined image. Use the auto-blend layer command to create the appearance of smooth transitions in the final image.


  1. Place the required images on one page.
    1. Select the required layers.
    1. Edit menu -> auto-blend layer

S) Define Brush:

create and saves custom made brush of the required image.

T) Define Pattern:  

create and saves custom made patterns.

U) Define custom shape:

create and saves custom made shape.

V) Purge:

clears the undo’s, clipboard, and history palette.

W) Color settings:

you can customize color management settings.

X) Present manager:

centralizes management of brushes, swatches, gradients, styles, patterns, contours, custom shapes, and preset tools.

Y) Preferences:

allows you to edit the preferences in Adobe Photoshop.

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