How to Print From Mobile Without WiFi Printer

How to Print From Mobile Without WiFi Printer

How to Print From Mobile Without WiFi Printer: Today’s time is digital technology. We are the daily content digital content you are extremely helpful and important role play. Today, it has become common for all of us to carry gadgets like mobile tech wallets in our hands and carry all the virtuous documents without stopping. This makes it easier for anyone to send and receive our personal documents to individuals or companies, which is what we are doing. But what can we do if we have to print out those documents?

Printing any document from the computer may seem normal to anyone but have you printed any document from your mobile? Of course, printing documents from mobile can be a new topic for all of us or it can be a topic of interest and curiosity. Sometimes we are in such a hurry that we have to print the contents of our mobile immediately.

Today I am going to teach you in detail how to easily print any documents or other printable materials from your mobile. This will help you to eliminate the hassle of printing by sending the printing materials on your mobile to your computer. You can print any content directly from mobile. Let’s start with how to print from mobile.

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Now How to Print From Mobile Without WiFi Printer

You can work by buying a mobile A4 printer, which you do not have to connect to the computer. Which also has the facility of Bluetooth. If you want to work from the printer attached to the computer, it can also be done.


1.     First, you have to install the “PrinterShare” App on your mobile.       
PrinterShare” App will help you to print directly from Android mobile phones or tablets to almost any printer. Print photos, emails, documents, etc.

2.     Now Open the “PrinterShare” App

3.   Now you will see the options such as Picture, Contacts, Calendar, Web Pages, Messages, Call log, Gmail Google Drive, Documents with here.

How to Print From Mobile Without WiFi Printer

4.    Select an option to browse the file which you want to print.

5.   Now you will see two buttons here, Options and Print.

How to Print From Mobile Without WiFi Printer

6.    Click on the Print button. Now Select Printer screen will appear. You have to select the connected printer from the options which you have available.

How to Print From Mobile Without WiFi Printer

7.     After selecting the printer click on the Options Button for print options such as size, scaling, align, margins, orientation etc.       

8.   Now you have to click on the Print button.

9.  Now set the Copies and Pages options and click on OK button

How to Print From Mobile Without WiFi Printer

10. Now click on the Print button.

How to Print From Mobile Without WiFi Printer

That’s it! Now your Document will be print.

NOTE: Important: Some capabilities aren’t loose! To release those capabilities, you want to buy and deployation the Printershare Premium Key app, the handiest unmarried small app that ought to be established at the tool to release the top rate capabilities of the loose app. We endorse printing a take a look at the web page to make sure compatibility together along with your printer earlier than buying a top-rated key.

Highlights of the free form of the application:

* Print with specific limitations on accessible remote (WiFi, Bluetooth) and direct USB OTG associated printers;

* Could Print through Google Cloud Print

* Print 20 pages in the distant mode over the Internet.

Highlights of the Premium adaptation of the application:

* Unlimited Nearby direct printing (PDFs, records, photographs and that’s just the beginning) by means of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth without a PC;

* Unlimited Remote printing. The but desirable end (Windows or Mac) wouldn’t got to purchase pages or stock.

We hope that you guys have learned new things with this article If you have any issues or confusion with this article feel free to comment on the comment box.

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