Create an Invisible Folder on Windows 10

Create an Invisible Folder on Windows 10
Searching Invisible Folder

Create an Invisible Folder on Windows 10: Of course, you know about hidden files and folders. But in Windows 10, hidden files and folders are very different. You cannot view all hidden files and folders and change their properties.

Why Create an Invisible Folders?

Ever wanted to add a Quick Access folder to your desktop but keep it out of sight? You can use the built-in encryption feature in Windows 10 to secure a password to a folder. But it is still technically visible. It creates a curiosity that you may not have. Sometimes if we traveling our important data on the USB drive ( Pen drive, SD card, etc.) so, if we lost it, then our data will not secure, other people who may misuse our data that’s why we create invisible folders.

Is there anything if no one can see the folder also exists?

With invisible folders, unless you know what to click or highlight everything on the desktop, it looks like there’s nothing.
This is not a security feature. If anyone stumbles across a folder, they can still open it and view the contents. Technically, you can use the encryption feature with an invisible folder for added security.

To Create an Invisible Folder on Windows 10 follows the steps:

For this tutorial, we are going to create the folder on the desktop because if you create it inside another folder, there will be an obvious blank space and/or file properties listed beside the invisible icon.

• On your blank desktop area right-click the mouse
• Choose “New” option
• Choose “Folder” option now Leave the name as New Folder.

Create an Invisible Folder on Windows 10
Desktop Folder

• The next step is to confirm the name of the folder that isn’t visible. Instead of an actual alphabet name, you’ll enter an ASCII code which isn’t visible in your folder names.
• Now select and Right-click the new folder and choose “Rename.”
• Now press and hold the Alt key as you type “255” (without the quote) on a numerical keypad. This only works with a numerical keypad and not the number row above the letter keys.

Create an Invisible Folder on Windows 10
Renaming Folder

• Obviously, if the folder is still visible, so it’s time to hide that folder too.
• Right-click the folder and choose Properties.
• Now select the Customize tab.

Create an Invisible Folder on Windows 10
Folder Properties

• Now Folder icons area, click on the “Change Icon” button.
• The folder icon (symbol) is just the default for folders, but if you want to change an icon (symbol) to any other icon image then change it through properties. You can choose one of the three invisible icons (Indicating a blue color on the picture below).

Three invisible icons

• After that click on OK button
• Now click on the Apply button to apply the all changes.
• Now your folder is invisible.

Known Issues
Sometimes there is an error that occurs where the folder may appear as a black box instead of being invisible. In fact, this type of error happened when we tried creating invisible folders the first time.

Obviously, if you also suffering from this type of issue then, Delete the folder, restart your computer, and repeat all steps from the beginning, now it will work properly.

Another issue is that if someone knows how to look at this type of folder. If highlighting everything on the desktop area it will show an outline around the invisible folder.

Mostly we use this trick for our removable devices like Pen drive, SD Card, etc. With the help of this trick, we will secure or prevent our important and secret data to miss used by other people if we lost our USB drive. So mostly we use this type of trick while traveling our important data on our USB drive.

We hope this article may helpful for you. If you have any queries feel free to comment on comment box.

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