Best Free Video Conferencing App | Software List 2020

Best Free Video Conferencing App | Software List 2020: In today’s world of video conferencing it is becoming easier to run a variety of programs every day. Video conferencing is a great way to have conversations with friends, colleagues, and clients who are away from home. No longer do companies need to be crowded in a certain place to conduct their meetings.

There are various apps produced by different companies in the market for video conferencing. Therefore, when we choose the mentioned apps, we have to consider the features in them. Meeting moderators should be able to invite their members or conduct conference guidelines. For that, it is necessary to know a lot about video and audio communication in those systems.

Key features of the app:

  • Meeting moderators have all the facilities for conducting and managing the meeting
  • Video and audio recording features
  • screen sharing and chat
  • Pin, mute, or remove participants

1. Zoom Meeting :

Best Free Video Conferencing App
Zoom Meeting

Founder: Eric Yuan
Founded: April 21, 2011

If you are looking for a professional, free video conferencing app, Zoom will be extremely useful for you. It can accommodate up to 100 participants for a fixed duration (40 minutes) meeting. If you have a paid plan, you can have meetings with up to 1000 participants.

Hosts can schedule a meeting or invite users during a meeting. From Zoom’s archive, users can share their notes, files, and search history. It also provides security by encrypting meetings and sharing files.

Its main features

  • Free and paid plans can be used
  • Schedule meetings and invite members
  • Pin, mute, or remove participants
  • Video webinar

2. Google Meet

Best Free Video Conferencing App | Software List 2020
Google Meet

Developer(s) : Google
Initial release : 2017

Google has introduced the Google meet App specifically for conducting online video meetings. It’s completely free and can accommodate up to 100 participants at a time. Google Meet is web-based and quick to access with Google Accounts.

Its main features

  • Quality HD Quality Audio, Video facility
  • Prepare meeting schedules and send to members
  • Pin, mute, or remove Google meet participants
  • Video recording
  • Filter out noise
  • Live stream
  • Use captions


Best Free Video Conferencing App | Software List 2020

Founder : Janus Friis & Niklas Zennstrom
Founded : 2003

Another long-used video conferencing software is Skype. Skype in particular has been used to make video calls on Windows and Mac. On Android, iOS, and Linux, it’s only supported for voice calls. Skype supports screen sharing, sending files and contacts as well as new participants to the conference.

Other basic requirements are webcam, microphone and speakers and a stable internet connection.

Its main features

·       Audio and HD video calling facility
·       Smart messaging
·       Screen sharing
·       Call Recording and live subtitles
·       Call phones
·       Private conversations

4. GoToMeeting

Best Free Video Conferencing App | Software List 2020

Developer(s): Logmeln
Initial release: July 2004

In this free plan, you can only use voice calls. If you also want to make a video call, you can choose a paid plan. Like Zoom, it also allows you to create conference rooms with all kinds of commercial video conferencing equipment. Using GoToWebinar you can host events for social media or save for future sharing. GoToTrainig will allow you to conduct any type of training.

Its main features

·        Screen Sharing
·        Virtual Whiteboard
·        Video Conferencing
·        Mobile conferencing
·        Meeting Recording & Transcription
·        Conference Room Equipment
·        Drawing Tools
·        Hand Over Control
·        Virtual Whiteboard

5.Cisco webex

Best Free Video Conferencing App | Software List 2020
Cisco webex

Founders: Subrah lyar, Min Zhu
Founded: 1995

Cisco Webex is another very high-quality app used for video conferencing. You can use video conferencing, online meetings, screen share, and webinars, web conferencing, cloud calling, and more. Its free plan can hold up to 100 participants in one meeting.

Its main features

·       HD Audio & video,
·       Screen sharing
·       Live stream

6. Lifesize:

Best Free Video Conferencing App | Software List 2020

Founders: Craig Malloy, Michael Kenoyer
Founded: January 2003,

The key feature of successful lifesize to make a separate place in the world of video conferencing is that we can operate 4k video conferencing in it. Here you can choose a free and paid plan. If you choose a free plan, you can have up to 10 participants in a meeting.

Its main features

  • 4k video conferencing
  • Phone and email support
  • 1 hour cloud recording storage per host

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